“Over the years I’ve seen clients take a leap of faith when signing off my visions of a space. This way, with VR I’m bringing the client with me.”


We now offer a 3D visualisation service which allows you to review your  interior design scheme  in virtual reality.

Imagine seeing your interiors brought to life through high quality 3D interior images, animated videos and walkthroughs.

Take the guesswork out of imagining a final outcome by investing in a virtual reality tour of your finished project.

Virtual reality helps homeowners and property developers make key decisions in interior design projects before committing to expensive budget decisions. We’ve also used this service extensively to work on projects remotely with clients across the UK and Overseas.

How does interior visualisation help with the design process?

CGI rendered interior visualisations ensure you get the look you want by allowing you to:

  • See a photo realistic impression of your proposed interior design scheme
  • Explore the layout of the room with the fixtures and furniture in place
  • Test the suitability of the design before making expensive purchasing decisions
  • Visualise finishes such as colours, flooring, tiling and textured finishes

Interior design brought to life in 3D rendering

As interior designers our clients put their trust in our process to bring the vision of their dream home to life. From a starting point of floor plans, furniture and lighting choices and mood boards, creating a 3d rendering takes the guess work out of the final outcome of our interior design projects. With our interior design visualisation services clients see all the details in lifelike images taking the guesswork out of decision making. Contact us to find out more about this service