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“We have three boys and many guests in this busy household and EVERYTHING has been of a lovely quality that has stood the test of time. Rachel has a lovely way of guiding and encouraging, without being elitist.

As a first foray into using a designer, I’ve not wanted to subsequently turn to anyone else – working with you just worked so well for us!”

“I found working with Rachel was incredibly straightforward. Despite the fact that we are from different countries, she can always understand my requirements and put them into reality. Because of our Asian background, we have certain cultural traditions which we would like to keep and
apply to our house. Rachel can understand them all and found the most appropriate manufacturers to deal with them. I look forward to working with Rachel on future projects and I’d definitely recommend her to my friends.” –

Translation 1: Rachel is my first home designer in the UK and I believe that she will always be the first one to reach in case of a future home.
All of my family members are indeed satisfied with Rachel either from the initial meeting to the end of our project. There are two things which
make her stand out: )

2: 最初的交流无可避免的是我们拥有文化的差异和语言的障碍,但Rachel能精准的理解 并给我们提供最完美的方案,结合她的设计理念。
Translation 2: at the initial meeting, it is undoubtably and unavoidable that we have cultural differences and language biases in nature. But Rachel can always understand our enquires and concerns correctly and prepare a plan with her inspirations.)

3:从见面、制作、验收、安装和售后服务,和Rachel合作让我觉得非常的舒心和轻松。我的朋友们来我家做客的时候也很惊叹,觉得很多在中国出现的 设计也在英国的家中可以得到体现。
Translation : 3: Rachel is very friendly and would be the best to work with. I feel deeply relaxed and comfortable to work with her either from our
initial meeting to services afterwards (delivery and replacement in case of repair). All of my Asian friends were inspired when they visited my house and they are surprised about how Rachel has combined both Cultural countries so well.)

4.我非常期待和Rachel的下一次合作 并非常愿意把她推荐给我的朋友们。
(Translation 4: I’m looking forward to working with Rachel in the next time and I would definitely recommend her to my friends.) Testimonial Mr & Mrs Guan-Chu