An elegant apartment conveniently located in the central London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. 

We worked remotely with our overseas based client to design and furnish the apartment to suit their love of contemporary style and modern interiors. From our technical drawings our contractors were able to install a number of built-in features such as a feature mirrored wall, bespoke cabinetry and floor to ceiling height upholstered headboard walls in the bedroom. 

A soft neutral palette was chosen with layers of luxurious velvet on sofas and shimmering satins on curtains and walls bring an opulent but cosy feel to the rooms.

Detailed technical drawings of the interior design provided our contractors with the elements needed to create the built-in bepoke features.

Our project management included being on site to oversee the installation as restrictive access meant our specified furniture had to be constructed onsite within the apartment. Once the furniture was in place we provided a complete turnkey service to the client dressing the beds and ensuring the apartment had everything in place ready for them to spend their first evening in comfort on arrival in London

At the initial meeting, it is undoubtably and unavoidable that we have cultural differences and language biases in nature.. But Rachel can always understand our enquires and concerns correctly and prepare a plan with her inspiration