Travel references with Interior Design

Entertain in Style this Summer

At HunterwoodInteriors we aspire to create interiors designed to reflect our clients’ personalities and interests. We believe the design process is a collaborative process. Below is a design for my client’s Dining Room based on their Travel experiences

How to Interior Design a Dining Room?

As we were introducing a tropical Travel theme in this interior and designing with bold colours, it was crucial to define the colour palette.
We began the Interior Design process with concept style pictures to discover how much colour to inject in the room. Giving the client the opportunity to review these concepts before we commenced with Interior Designing the space.
At Hunterwood Interiors we create Timeless interiors. When you look closely you will notice the furniture style, lighting and soft furnishings have been chosen in neutral finishes.
The Artwork, decorative wall panels, accessories, and paint colours are the key components used to create the Travel Theme.
The bolder colour’s and tropical themes have been curated toreflect memories of their family holidays in Barbados.
We hope you are inspired by the design of our clients Dining Room

Sustainability in Interior Design

Sustainability a key factor when designing an interior. We repurposed the existing sideboard by lacquering it in bold green and added a bronze tinted mirrored glass top to reflect the light from the lamps.

The bolder colour’s and tropical themes have been curated to reflect memories of their family holidays in Barbados.

Why use a Travel theme in your Interior?

Bringing our Travel experiences into our home interior is a positive way of surrounding ourselves with good memories. It creates an uplifting and serene mood.

We present our Interior Design through Virtual Reality 3D walkthroughs

Follow the link to Hunterwood Interiors channel to experience theimmersive 3D walk-through of the Dining Room

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