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Fulham Townhouse

Fulham Townhouse

This 900sq ft Townhouse in the centre of London is situated in a private calm landscaped square. This is a family home designed in an understated and comfortable style to be a refuge from the urban environment.

This interior blends the contemporary finishes of the building and traditional elements favoured by the client. In the principle reception area a fireplace is introduced to give a focal point and character to personalise the room. The fireplace compliments the traditional styling as briefed by the client. Placed in the centre of the wall it gives a symmetry to the room and an anchor to build the design.Bespoke sideboards either side of the fireplace gives practical storage useful in a townhouse with limited storage.

Throughout the interior there are bespoke elements and exquisite detailing to create a comfortable family home.The clients passion for pink is infused with jewel colours of purple and blue. Commissioned artwork and carefully selected accessories throughout the property are in a modern style to balance the traditionalelements.

The lower ground Kitchen, Dining and TV area is a flexible area where the room can be reconfigured from a practical and convenient family space to the perfect space to entertain.